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where is your flagship store located?

5616 sunset drive, miami, FL 33143

do you deliver?

Yes. Please enter your zip code we will provide a quote for South Florida delivery.We provide nationwide delivery of our cake-in-a-jars and cookie via UPS. Please place order 48 hours in advance of desired delivery date. 

can i place a same day special order?

All special orders must be placed 48 hours in advance. For immediate needs, we invite you to visit one of our stores.

what flavor do i have to refrigerate?

Boston cream, guava cream cheese, mango, strawberry shortcake, banana cream pie, lemon cream pie, dirt cup, and cappuccino mousse.

dairy free?

All our baked goods contain dairy products.

nut free?

Most of our cupcakes are nut free, except reuse’s, nutella, chocolate peanut butter dulce, scones, coffee cake and peanut butter and jelly. WE ARE NOT A NUT FREE FACILITY, BUT WE ARE VERY CAREFUL TO SEPARATE GOODS THAT CONTAIN NUTS FROM OUR OTHER PRODUCTS. 

gluten free?

Our gluten free flavors are chocolate and vanilla, which can be frosted with any of our frostings and toppings, except for cookie butter, reuse’s crumbles and chocolate chip cookies.


We do not have anything that is vegan, yet!

if i buy in bulk do i get a better price?

For quantities over 500, please email: info@mishascucakes.com

can i make a change to my order?

All order cancellations and changes must be made 48 hours in advance of the pickup date. There are no refunds or changes if we are notified less than 48 hours in advance. All sales are final upon purchase at the store or at the time of delivery. No refunds or exchanges.

can i exchange or return my storefront purchase once i leave the store?

Upon leaving the store, no cupcakes or cakes will be exchanged or refunded.

can i order seasonal flavors if they aren’t currently made in the stores?

Seasonal flavors are made at our discretion and are not available for special order unless they are currently selling at our stores.

can i match a specific color to the frosting on my specially ordered cupcakes?

We will do our best to match the color of your choosing for an additional charge of $10. We can makes any of the frosting colors on the color chart. For more than 5 colors, there is an additional $5 charge.

how should i handle my cake and cupcakes upon leaving the store?

Never put your cake or cupcakes into a hot car. Although Misha’s Cupcakes started in Florida and our team is accustomed to the heat, our baked goods are NOT! If exposed to high temperatures, our cakes will experience bubbling and the frosting will slide off. Always keep our products at a temperature of 73 degrees or below.

We do not recommend refrigerating most flavors of our cakes and cupcakes as they harden and you won't have the wonderfully delicious Misha's experience that you’ve come to expect and we want to deliver. For those cupcakes and cakes that need to be refrigerated, please keep them in your home refrigerator until 20 minutes before serving. These refrigerated products include our cream cheese, guava cream cheese, cappuccino, lemon, strawberry, banana, tuxedo, bostn cream and cafe conleche cupcakes and cakes.

diabetic and kosher friendly?

Unfortunately, we do not prepare product that are diabetic or kosher friendly product.