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Misha's Cupcakes

Batman Cake

Batman Cake

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Holy smokes, Batman! 

This is the perfect addition to the Dark Knight's party! Just like Bruce Wayne and Batman are two identities from the same man, our cake is two-toned and has dual textures! The top half is thick stripes and the bottom half is smooth. You can personalize the top of the cake or write on the cake platter. Bring in a topper and we will position it on your cake. Choose a flavor from one of our 6 signature flavors:


chocolate: Our decadent chocolate cake, loaded with mini semi-sweet Vanleer chocolate morsels

coconut: Our moist coconut cake with sweet coconut flakes

marble: A swirl of our signature vanilla and chocolate cakes

oreo: Our signature vanilla cake batter mixed with crushed whole Oreos

red velvet: Our rich Miami southern-style red velvet cake with a hint of Callebaut cocoa and semi-sweet chocolate chips

vanilla: Our signature flavor is an insanely decadent, delightfully moist vanilla cake baked with Callebaut white chocolate morsels


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